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The basic concept of the prepayment energy meter


Prepayment energy meter is also called quantitative watt hour meter and IC card watt hour meter. In addition to the metering function of ordinary watt hour meter, especially the user buys electricity first and can use electricity only after buying electricity. If the user does not continue to buy electricity after using up electricity, the prepayment energy meter will automatically cut off the power supply and stop power supply. It is used to measure AC single-phase active electric energy with rated frequency of 50Hz and realize the management function of paying first and then using electricity. Advanced microelectronic technology is used for data acquisition, processing and storage, and RF card is used to transmit data. Its performance indexes comply with GB / t17215-2002 and GB / t18460 3-2001 standard. It has the characteristics of small volume, high security, high reliability and anti electricity theft.(prepayment energy meter)

prepayment energy meter