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The classification of the prepayment energy meter


There are two pre storage methods for the prepayment energy meter, one is code type and the other is write card type.

The principle of code type is: the management system combines the user information and power purchase information to generate a group of encrypted codes, which are handed over to the user for input into the electricity meter. After the electricity meter is decrypted correctly, the pre stored electricity or amount is obtained and saved.

(prepayment energy meter)Card writing type: write the pre purchased electricity or amount into the special electronic card (memory) and give it to the user to communicate with the corresponding electricity meter with the electronic card, and the pre purchased value will be automatically sent to the electricity meter.

Electronic cards or IC cards, also known as power purchase cards, are made of special IC chips after special packaging. Common power purchase cards are divided into contact and non-contact according to communication mode.

The contact type of the prepayment energy meter includes card card and key card, and the non-contact type includes RF card and remote control card.