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The feature of the prepayment energy meter


1. (prepayment energy meter)Adopt large-scale integrated circuit and SMT processing technology to ensure high reliability of products

2. The power consumption of prepayment energy meter is low, which is far less than the requirements of national standards
Voltage line: ≤ 0.7W and 4va (national standard: ≤ 2W and 10va)
Current line: ≤ 0.3va (national standard: ≤ 4.0va)

3. The anti stealing function of the prepayment energy meter is strong. The single-phase electronic watt hour meter produced by our company adopts advanced anti stealing technology. It can not only prevent the meter from tilting, external magnetic field, short circuit, reverse power consumption and other common power stealing methods, but also prevent the power stealing function of one fire and one ground

prepayment energy meter