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Advantages and Applications of DIN Rail Energy Meter With GPRS


Advantages and applications of rail type electric energy meters
The rail-mounted electric energy meter is a new generation of miniature smart electric energy meters. It is used in 380V/220V terminal lighting systems. It adopts standard DIN35mm rail-mounted installation, and has a modular structure design. The width matches the miniature circuit breaker. It can be easily installed in the lighting box. , it has the advantages of small size, high precision, good reliability and easy installation.
The function of the rail type electric meter:
Energy metering
1. Measure forward and reverse active energy, and have power direction indication function
2. Electric energy is accumulated and stored according to total, peak, peak, flat and valley respectively
3. 3 months of frozen data is stored in the meter
4. The default setting of the date of frozen transfer of electric energy data is 24:00 at the end of each month (freeze at the end of the month)
5. After power failure, all stored data will not be lost and can be kept for more than 10 years
1.7-bit wide temperature LCD display.
2. The data can be displayed in turn, and the turn time is 4s.
3. Power pulse and current tariff period are indicated by LED
programming function
4. Meter address setting
5. Time and date settings
6. Rate period setting
7. Battery base reset setting
1. Active energy pulse output, used for meter calibration and energy collection
2. Passive photoelectric isolation output port, pulse width: 80ms±20ms
Meter reading function

Through RS485 communication, the host computer can realize automatic meter reading function

DIN Rail Energy Meter With GPRS