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Installation and Use Method of STS Prepayment Energy Meter


Installation and use method of intelligent prepaid electric energy meter
1. When installing the prepaid electricity meter, the installation position should be kept vertical and connected according to the wiring diagram.
2. Open the cover of the terminal button of the electric energy meter, then connect the wiring of each terminal button according to the wiring diagram, and turn on the power supply.
3. The user inserts the pre-purchased power IC card into the meter according to the direction of the arrow on the card (the metal contact faces to the left), and the display first displays the meter number, then the preset power, and then the alarm power of the preset power. At this time, the IC card can be removed, and the LCD screen of the meter will display the total power consumption and remaining power in turn.
4. When the user uses electricity, the pulse indicator light will flash along with it.
5. During the normal use of the prepaid electricity meter, the purchased electricity will be automatically calculated in decreasing order. When the remaining power in the prepaid meter is less than the alarm power, the alarm indicator flashes, and the current remaining power of the current balance on the display reminds the user to purchase electricity. When the remaining power is equal to the alarm power, the power outage reminds the user to purchase electricity once, and the user needs to insert the IC card into the power meter to restore the power supply once. When the remaining power is zero, the power supply is stopped.
6. One meter and one card. After each new purchase of electricity, the user can only insert his own meter to input the valid electricity once.
7. Every time the user inserts the IC card into the prepaid meter, the meter will write back all the user's electricity consumption on the IC card. When the user purchases electricity next time, the electricity sales management system reads the IC card data summary and checks whether the user is legal or not. use electricity. Electricity inspectors can also use the inspection card to check the user's electricity consumption.

8. The power supply management department sets the user's maximum electricity load according to the actual situation. When the actual electricity load exceeds the set value, the built-in relay of the meter will disconnect, stop the power supply, and automatically restore the power supply after 3 minutes, reminding the user not to exceed the load.

STS Prepayment Energy Meter