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Precautions for Three Phase Smart Energy Meter Wiring


Precautions for Smart Energy Meter Wiring
1. When connecting a three-phase four-wire smart meter with a transformer, first remove the three voltage coil connectors on the meter, otherwise it will cause a short circuit.
2. The phase sequence of the three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire meter wires is marked with yellow, green, and red wires, or yellow, green, and red are painted on the wires to separate the phase sequence. If the neutral wire is Black does not need to be painted.
3. The laying of plastic insulated wires needs to be laid with plastic groove plates, wire codes or plastic pipes.
4. The meter wire of the low-voltage smart meter adopts an insulated copper core wire with a rated voltage of 500V. The current carrying capacity of the wire matches the load, and the cross-section of the wire is not less than 2.5 square millimeters.
5. When connecting the wires of low-voltage current transformers, pay attention to the number of turns and joints of the marked transformation ratio, and the meter wires need to be crimped.

6. For the new smart meter, the wiring is subject to the wiring diagram. Be extra careful with old watches, the wiring diagrams posted on the watch may be inaccurate, because it is uncertain whether the watch cover is the original match of the watch, and it may have been accidentally replaced. For safety, measure it with a multimeter to distinguish the terminals connected to the current coil and the voltage coil. Generally, the resistance of the voltage coil is 700-800 ohms, and the resistance of the current coil is 0 ohms. Failure to do this step may result in a short circuit of the meter.

Three Phase Smart Energy Meter