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Features of Single Phase Smart Energy Meter


Features of single-phase smart energy meter
1. Adopt integrated circuit and SMT, hot air reflow soldering, wave soldering process to design and manufacture, and the product quality is reliable. With the help of the remote communication function of the smart energy meter, users can remotely control various smart loads in the home, such as air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, lighting, etc., through the Internet or mobile communication network in different places, and through the remote communication function of the smart energy meter. Remote monitoring and alarming can also be achieved. As the home interface of the power grid, the smart energy meter, on the one hand, transmits safe and high-quality electric energy to the user's electrical equipment through the smart meter; on the other hand, with the wide application of new energy.
2. The power metering unit, data processing unit, and communication interface unit respectively use three sets of isolated power supplies, and all output signals are photoelectrically isolated, which improves electromagnetic compatibility and ensures that the metering unit works independently and stably without being affected by the communication interface.
3. Wide voltage range design, it can work normally from 154V to 265V, and the meter will not be damaged at 418V, which improves the adaptability of the meter to the working environment.
4. The microprocessor adopts built-in watchdog design to ensure reliable and normal operation, and the measurement data adopts triple backup. In the face of harsh disturbances, the data remains safe and sound.
5. Fully sealed dustproof and waterproof design, the case material has excellent flame retardant, anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties.
6. The hardware clock circuit with built-in temperature compensation function is adopted, and the temperature compensation function is also activated when the battery is powered in a power outage to ensure accurate clock accuracy.
7. It has a standard interface of carrier communication module, and carrier modules from different manufacturers can be selected to improve product versatility.
8. Main functions: metering function, cost control function, measurement and monitoring, event recording, tariff and electricity price plan, display function, alarm function, freezing function, timing function, pulse output.Single Phase Smart Energy Meter