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How to Check Single Phase Smart Energy Meter and Smart Prepayment Energy Meter


How to Check Single-Phase Meters and Prepaid Meters
1. The emergence of electricity has made too many contributions to this society. After the use of electricity resources, all areas of society have developed faster, and now electricity is used every hour of the day, so if One day, if power resources cannot be used continuously, many industries will be directly paralyzed, and people's lives will be greatly affected. In the process of using power resources, the use of single-phase meters is very important. Importantly, it has many functions and can also measure power resources.
2. However, in the use of single-phase electric meters, there are some problems that should be paid attention to, because in the use of single-phase electric meters, because its service life is very long, this does not mean that you can sit back and relax. , In the course of normal use, it is necessary to check and maintain frequently, and there are some problems that should be paid attention to during maintenance.
3. When overhauling a single-phase electric meter, a logic pen and an oscilloscope are needed to detect the signal of the electric energy meter. During the inspection, the use of the probe should be paid attention to, and the probe cannot be released to two measurements at the same time. Pins, otherwise it is easy to short-circuit, and in the case of power-on, a short-circuit will be formed, which is also very dangerous. The maintenance work of prepaid electricity meters is more troublesome, requiring professional maintenance personnel to overhaul the hardware and software systems of the electricity meter.
4. When checking the filter capacitor in the power supply for a single-phase meter, the positive and negative electrodes of the electrolytic capacitor should be short-circuited before the inspection. However, in the case of a short-circuit, the performance ratio cannot be used instead of the wire to discharge the capacitor. Operation, it is very easy to burn the core, so when testing, you can measure the lead wire with the lamp cap all the time, the voltage is about 220V, and then the measuring lamp is connected to the two ends of the capacitor. For this reason, when discharging, the bulb will emit light.
5. The inspection of single-phase electric meters and prepaid electric meters sometimes needs to be carried out in some special environments, such as maintenance in a relatively humid environment. When troubleshooting, use a multimeter for printed circuits. It is a very necessary step to measure whether the points can be kept unobstructed. The main reason is that in this case, it is more likely to fail, and the failure generally occurs is the corrosion of copper foil.
6. The internal maintenance of the instrument should also be completed. When checking the internal circuit of the instrument, there are some problems that need to be paid attention to. If insulating varnish is applied to the node where the components are installed and the circuit board, the When measuring point parameters, use an ordinary hand sewing needle to weld on the test pen of the multimeter to complete the measurement, so as not to waste time, and to avoid removing all the paint layers.

7. During the inspection of the electric meter, it is not possible to unplug any control board or plug while it is powered on, mainly because it is powered on at this time, and any plugging and unplugging conditions can be very strong. The induced electromotive force will generate a high voltage in an instant, and the control board and the plug will be damaged. During the maintenance process, do not tamper with or knock randomly, otherwise it will lead to failure. Expansion will affect the progress of maintenance and there will be danger.

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